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Getting Started

How It Works

Synativ's Product

Synativ provides a cloud-based platform for developing computer vision applications. You do not need to manage GPUs or cloud accounts; everything is contained within Synativ.

Simply use our SDK in your Python code to interact with our platform: upload your images to Synativ, fine-tune a foundation model in our cloud, and start hosting it for inference via an API endpoint.

Synativ's Technology

We believe that the future of computer vision centers around hierarchical fine-tuning starting from domain-agnostic foundation models trained on a large amount of diverse data, to domain-specific foundation models trained on a large amount of data of a particular domain, to application-specific models trained on a small amount of data for a particular use case.

A foundation model is a model pre-trained to learn patterns and features from vast amounts of data. These models are often trained in an unsupervised fashion. As they already store general knowledge of objects in our world in their weights, they require fewer domain-specific images to be fine-tuned for specific applications.

At Synativ, we are constantly keeping track of the latest AI research (so you do not have to) to make our fine-tuning algorithms more compute- and data-efficient and update our technology in the background while you focus on developing your applications.